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Vol. 01, No. 19 December 26, 2017 January 1, 2018


1/1 1W YTD
XMR / BTC 0.0263 +2.2% +6.6%
XMR / $ $358.99 -0.5% +2.9%
BTC / $ $13,657.20 -2.6% -3.5%
CAMCrypto30 $2,738.35 +10.3% +0.0%

Happy New Year!

Credit to @helloluis

Happy New Year to all the readers! To reflect on how far Monero has come this year, Monero started the year at a price of $13.78 (~$177m market cap)! That means in 2017 Monero increased in value by ~2,533% to ~$5.1b vs Bitcoin increasing in value by 1,469%. Hopefully 2018 will be another fruitful year for all Monero supporters!

Monero at the N.A. Bitcoin Conference

Fluffypony will be presenting at the North American Bitcoin Conference on Jan. 17-19. He will be speaking during two sessions, first titled “THE FUTURE OF MONERO,” and the second titled “WHY PEOPLE SHOULD TROLL MORE.”

MRL Monthly Report

Sarang Noether of the Monero Research Lab posted a December monthly report. He discussed bulletproofs, multisigs, SPECTRE, educational outreach opportunities, and efficient zk-SNARKS without trusted setup.

Monero @ 34c3 Leipzig

  • The Monero Hardware Wallet team presented at 34c3 Leipzig, discussing the prototypes for the dedicated Hardware wallet. The hardware will be ready for release in March / April and will probably cost $10-20. You can check out some of the presentation pictures here. On this topic, u/anhdres and u/grigo submitted Monero hardware wallet logo ideas.
  • The Monerujo team presented at 34c3 Leipzig this past week. The full presentation should be available online later at

  • u/amiuhle posted a Kasisto Alpha 2 preview (which was shown at 34c3). Kasisto is a POS App to accept Monero. No third parties required, it connects to a view-only wallet that can be hosted anywhere (eg a Raspberry Pi in your basement or a public server on the internet).

  • Monero even got mentioned during Zcash’s talk by Zooko, to which Fluffypony tweeted,

    BlockTower Discussed Monero on CNBC

    Ari Paul, BlockTower Capital CIO and co-founder briefly discussed Monero on CNBC. He claims it is his favorite alt coin, full transcript below.

    Reporter: ... Whats your favorite crypto currency at this point, in terms of upside?

    Ari Paul: In terms of favorite crypto currency, its hard to pick one, but one that i think has real fundamental value aside from bitcoin is Monero. Monero is a privacy focused crypto currency with very strong engineering.

    Reporter: Isn't that the one used by criminals?

    Ari Paul: Everything is used by criminals including the US Dollar and the Euro.

    OKEX Adds Monero

    OKEX Exchange announced that they have launched Monero trading. OKEX is the 5th largest exchange in the world by volume.

    Live Price Tracking

  • Monero was added to the crypto coaster live price tracking.

  • u/ms030 also created a XMR/USD live price tracker that fetches price from all USD exchanges, updates every 30 seconds, and is price is weighted by volume.

    Around the Web


    Monero Marketing

  • Monero Marketing posted a new Monero wallpaper to celebrate the new year.

  • released new limited Monero cold storage notes.

  • Monero Mining

  • u/RagnaroekX released Mithril, an open-source Monero miner.

  • mining pool was updated.
  • The Merkle reported that a Monero mining bot is spreading through Facebook messenger.

  • WebARX reported on crypto-currency mining malware. Monero was discussed.
  • Shopping with Monero

  • is now offering Monero t-shirts.

  • You can now buy semi-precious gems with Monero on
  • Forum Funding System

    1. Monero Bounty for Hackerone - 85.0% funded
    2. Monero Tracking Challenge #2 - 52.05% funded

    Top 5 r/Monero posts of the last few weeks

    1. Monero - The very best crypto
    2. Centralized "Banker coins" gaining momentum VS Decentralized "Anti-banker" coins like Monero
    3. Monero, Bitcoin's BadAss cousin
    4. We're back on Shapeshift. <3
    5. An update on the Monero Hardware Wallet with pictures #34c3

    Until next time…

    Enjoy this webcomic by u/RoyalMayonnaise

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