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Vol. 01, No. 20-21 January 9 January 22, 2017


1/22 2W YTD
XMR / BTC 0.0289 +8.2% +17.2%
XMR / $ $315.90 -22.0% -9.5%
BTC / $ $10,931.40 -27.9% -22.8%
CAMCrypto30 $2,275.05 -29.2% -16.9%

Monero Presentations

  • Check out the Monero presentation at the latest Chicago Monero meetup. Special thanks to Garrett See for putting this event together and for Justin Ehrenhofer for presenting.

  • Ricardo Spagni presented at the North American Bitcoin Conference. He explained the benefits and challenges of being a decentralized project and details how Monero is doing as a decentralized project.

  • Monero was presented at the Wolverine Crypto Trading: Crash Course on Cryptocurrencies.

    Monero Wallet(s) News

  • Cake Wallet, a free XMR wallet for iOS was released! The community is cautiously optimistic about the prospects as the developers have been very communicative with the community thus far and are planning to release the open source code for the wallet shortly. Stay tuned!

  • The developer of X Wallet, another XMR wallet for iOS, posted an update. While the app is currently pending app store approval, it has received a lot of criticism from the community. This is because of the way the X Wallet has chosen to monetize its app, specifically by charging an additional transaction fee which may compromise users privacy. An article was written discussing why you shouldn’t use X Wallet if you care about your privacy.

  • Ledger Hardware Wallet released an update to the Monero community.

  • Trezor announced that while no ETA has bee set, once the Trezor 2 is finished, Monero will be one of the first cryptocurrencies to be integrated.

  • Coinomi is working on Monero integration into its wallet.

  • The Monera released a new monero paper wallet.

    Kasisto Demo

    A demo of Kasisto, a point of sale integration for Monero, was released. It showcased a transaction that took only 22 seconds to complete!

    MRL Update

  • Surae of the Monero Research Lab released his end of 2017 MRL update. He discussed the last ~45 days of what they are up to, including Multisig, Bulletproofs, and more.

  • Additionally, the recent MRL meeting full chat log is now available. A large focus of the discussion was which fork to implement Bulletproofs in.

    Monero Valuation

    CryptoIzzy shared his latest thoughts on Monero’s valuation. I highly recommend everyone gives it a look. He believes that Monero is uniquely positioned (and far more so than any other cryptocurrency – and therefore as a true successor to Bitcoin) to displace corrupt fiat money and bring back sound money (with an important focus on Fungibility). He concludes that Monero may ultimately be worth between $200,000 to $2,000,000 per coin.

    Monero Testnet Live

    You can now test out Monero’s latest features including Bulletproofs, Subaddresses, and Multisig on Monero Testnet Live thanks to u/phloating_man. Users don’t have to compile from source, download the blockchain, or mine testnet.

    r/Monero 100k+ Subscribers!

    Congratulations to r/Monero for surpassing 100,000 subscribers! u/Experts-say posted a congratulatory poster to celebrate the event.


    In a prime example of SHUM (Should have used Monero) and why fungibility is so important, a user detailed his recent experience with Bitfinex. He claims to have over $1mm in crypto assets frozen on Bitfinex due to his funds behind associated with a tainted history. The case is currently pending POLICE investigation. This would have not been possible if he transacted with a fungible cryptocurrency such as Monero.

    Around the Web


    Monero Marketing

  • u/Cartyisme released his new Monero art project. He released a booklet which contains 13 drawings that act as mnemonic seed for a Monero wallet. 50 Booklets were printed and left in public at various locations throughout Central California with .105XMR in each wallet.

  • u/frankreddit5 took the Monero white paper and turned it into a typographical art piece, including all technical details, figures, and theorems.
  • u/XelionIO posted a GIT visual history of Monero from 2014-2018.
  • Check out this Monero lens for Snapchat.
  • Upcoming Monero Meetups

  • Barcelona – January 24th

  • Sheffield – January 24th

  • Munich – January 25th

  • Lisbon – January 28th

  • Berlin – February 8th
  • Shopping with Monero

  • r/MoneroMerchants was created, a place to share experiences about accepting Monero as payment, find help with integrations and stay up-to-date about developments.
  • u/czechrebel3 has created and is now selling Monero poker chips.
  • TorGuard VPN now accepts Monero.
  • Free Usenet now accepts Monero.
  • Room77 (bar in Berlin) now accepts Monero.
  • Jerky company Renjer now accepts Monero.
  • Fierce Edge now accepts Monero.
  • TheGrowKit.CA, a Cannabis company, now accepts Monero.
  • Crypt-Tee’s now offers Monero t-shirts.
  • You can only purchase a Monero t-shirt on
  • Forum Funding System

    1. Mastering Monero is looking for feedback on its FFS.
    2. Luis of, the creator of the MoneroCat webcomic, is seeking funds to develop a new webcomic series starring MoneroCat and the Justice League of Crypto.
    3. Monero Bounty for Hackerone - 85.06% funded
    4. Monero Tracking Challenge #2 - 52.05% funded

    Top 5 r/Monero posts of the last few weeks

    1. Did John McAfee just sell all of his Monero??
    2. Found In Warsaw - Don't Buy Monero: Cryptocurrencies harm the banking system and can weaken the government
    3. Credit, where credit is due!
    4. Due to significant community interest, fees have been reduced by 41%.
    5. Friendly Reminder: Vote for Monero (XMR) as a form of payment on ProtonMail.

    Until next time…

    Enjoy this graphic created of Monero headed to the moon!

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